Workforce Development

Savanna Solutions can provide that support you need just when you’re feeling stretched. We can source local workers to develop your workforce so you have the confidence you can deliver your projects on time with a skilled local workforce.

We provide the wrap around support services to overcome any obstacles for job-seekers and help you as a company to find the resources to execute this.

We can help you find staff for that next big project so you can be confident that you will be able to deliver on the contract you’re looking to win a tender for.

We have a number of partnerships with recruitment, labour hire companies, Job Actives and the Australian Apprenticeship Centre. This lets us work on getting the best outcome for both the jobseeker and the employer.

We also assist with mentoring support and the logistics of trying to get people to a jobsite or training. We offer pre-screening services for staff seeking work on the Defence Bases and are able to guide them through the process. We can also customise and tailor work programs to ensure you can deliver your project on time.